Xbox 360 Portable Surfaces on Ebay

For some reason Microsoft still doesn't have a handheld gaming system. This custom modded Xbox 360 is going to be the closest you can get for now. An LCD TFT monitor was installed into the side of the 360 with a rectangle hand cut out of the case to allow for viewing.

Purchase here : southkhaki19's eBay Store
Buy It Now price : US $799.00
Auction ends : Jan-13-08 15:38:54 PST
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GodsHand3991d ago

Does it come with a warranty?

I would of installed a screen that folds down a'la laptop style.

RoboChamp3991d ago

That's the most portable thing I've ever seen.

hokis4ever3991d ago

Could you imagine pulling that out while you're travelling? lol... would be too funny!

actas1233991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Well yeh, if u are Shakel O'Neill, then yeh you might consider that portable. Whats next; a portable 42 inch standard definition TV?

Skerj3991d ago

The custom built 360 laptop would have been better to put up, I actually wanted that thing.

candystop3991d ago

Actually MS has a ton of portable games in every box of kellogs fruit loops! I guess there trying to experiment and become familar with children.

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The story is too old to be commented.