This Guy Is Ready For Diablo III

GameInformer: Looks like people are setting themselves for Diablo III but this guy seems somewhat "ultra" excited.

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MmaFan-Qc2208d ago

I wonder what this guy looks like?

probably like the WoW guy in southpark....but X1000

ATi_Elite2208d ago

Come May 15th...........he's gonna disappear from the face of the Earth.........along with about 3 million other PC Gamers!!!

And that's just May 15th!!!!!!

Perjoss2208d ago

Considering how many people go through life doing stuff they hate, I don't think this is such a bad thing.

CaptainMarvelQ82208d ago

putting a bunch of candles in pretty tight spots,with paper.
yup,hes gonna burn the place

b163o12208d ago

Who's to say it's guy...........,ah who am I kidding

Perjoss2208d ago

I think its a pretty cool idea, reminds me a little of the mood lights you can buy that light up the wall behind your monitor depending on the colours displayed on you screen.