What’s In The Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue?

When it comes to buying Nintendo games, we all have the pleasure of registering our Club Nintendo points in the hope of grabbing something big... Here’s the rundown on a few beloved Club Nintendo products with our personal picks.

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TGF_Zero2296d ago

I really like the Mario and Luigi case

Lucreto2296d ago

I got the “? Block” Sound Cube.

I love it.

Fatty2295d ago

Dangit, the US needs to get more of these sorts of items. Their catalog here is pretty good, but I want that coin block and SNES classic controller.

stuntman_mike2295d ago

I got the DS game rack and the DS sock cover. now im trying to get gold Link statue...probably need to buy ever nintendo game out just to get that tho lol.

I hope they incorporate these into the WiiU online store so you can buy stuff from it, like DLC ect.

Rampaged Death2295d ago

Does the 3DS fit in the sock cover ?

stuntman_mike2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Yes it does its quite stretchy material.

astroanthony2294d ago

Isnt there an NES controller?