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Red PS3 lands on Australian shores at the end of May

Sony has selected Australia as the next worthy recipient of the red PS3, after it debuted in Japan last year and waits to hit the UK on May 11, according to its current Amazon listing. Australia's scarlet PS3 will be available in select stores on May 31 for AU$460 (US$470). This is the 320GB version that comes with two matching Dualshock 3 controllers.

No word yet on the burnt eggshell yellow PS3s coming to any region of the world, ever. (PS3, Sony, Tech)

IHateYouFanboys  +   1089d ago
at about $130 more than the regular black 160gb PS3 (~$330 at JB Hifi and the likes), it seems a bit expensive for just a diff colour and bigger HDD.

that said, it does look nice.

JB Hifi have it available for pre-order for $439 for those that are interested:

Bathyj  +   1088d ago
I agree that its a bit of a increase, but a black 320GB is $428 and only comes with 1 controller as far as I can tell.

The price hike is pretty much for the bigger Harddrive only, not the colour. Given the 2nd controller its actually better value than the black.
PLAYER5095  +   1088d ago
wonders why they never brought em to the states! woulda liked the white one

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