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E3 is only one month away – What are you waiting for?

ButtonCombo writes: E3 is undeniably the most exciting videogame industry event of the year for any gamer. It’s always full of announcements, surprises and plenty of talking points. ButtonCombo will be right there on the show floor, bringing you the latest and greatest as it happens. So, with the big event only one month away, what are you most excited for? What’s that one game that you can’t wait to hear about?

Whether you’re ecstatic or indifferent, let us know. Stick around for a month of pre-E3 content, including more speculation than you can handle.

After much discussion, we have come to agree on our most anticipated E3 showings. (3DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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NYC_Gamer  +   962d ago
I'm looking forward to the Wii-U hardware reveal
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   962d ago
I'm looking more forward to the software demonstrations for the Wii U.

The thing I'm looking forward to the most though is GTA5.

Other things that could possibly/will happen that I really really want to see is

FFV13 gameplay and release date (I'm praying for this to happen)

Last of Us gameplay and release date

PSA Battle Royale gameplay

and.. the announcement of the next xbox and PS4...
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ShinMaster  +   962d ago
The hardware is "just a box" as Nintendo puts it, remember?
So I'm not expecting to be too impressed from a technical standpoint.

However I do want to see the software. I hope gameplay is not so reliant on the tablet gimmick or motion and more core focused than the Wii was. And if games look close to what that Zelda tech demo did, then it shouldn't let down.

I also hope they drop that "family" bull from their presentations. Mom, pop and casual gamers don't tune in to watch E3.
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EVILDEAD360  +   962d ago
Let's face it..it's ALL about next gen..Wii-U..720..PS4

I've been saying this all year, I'm hoping Nintendo is literally going to shock the world at E3 with some innovation about the hardware that makes us lose sleep until we get one.

For the 360, I'm looking forward to what may literally the greatest gaming team in history's first baby...Halo 4. I'm hoping that their E3 appearance even makes Bungie cry tears of joy in tribute.

For the PS3..All I want to see and hear is an amazing new trailer for Last Guardian followed by the words...coming this holiday.

Then I want to see the BEAST in action GTA 5..which may get a press conference the day before E3.

Lastly, will Bioshock Infinite be as incredible as we all believe it will be.

Spydiggity  +   961d ago
I will be very surprised if sony makes any big announcements. In fact, i think they're in a lot of trouble. japan is really struggling financially and all their big corporations are going down. Sony had a market cap of 100B dollars in the 90s. When they released the PS3 their market cap was around 40-50billion. now...they are at 18 Billion. i don't see how they could possibly afford to push a new console. They are trending down on televisions and computers.

I expect that Sony will try really hard to focus on the Vita and its capabilities, and MS will tease a system without any type of real reveal. MS, right now, has a market cap of around 250 billion dollars. The corporation's total value is about where it was in 2005 when 360 launched, but their games division is profitable. They are in prime position to sit and wait for Nintendo to reveal their specs, then announce specs within 6 months without having to worry about big competition from sony.

I just don't see how sony can pull off any real competition against microsoft at this point.

EDIT: If i were in charge of Sony's game division, i would drop the price of the console to 99 dollars and sell the shit out of it now while it still competes in this generation. then bank on the software for the next few years. enough ppl will have it (like with ps2) that they could just sit back and wait for a while. then they could interrupt the next generation with something new and start the next gen a few years early.

i doubt they would do that, but it's what my strategy would be as a company trying to hang on. they can't afford to take a loss on another generation of hardware, but if they wait a few years for the costs to come down, then jump just slightly ahead, they might have something.

...just an idea.
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WetN00dle69  +   961d ago
We need solid Next gen console specs.
Sony Exclusives PS3 and Vita.
I hope MS has something under its sleeve rather than having to rely on 10 more versions of halo and gears of war. NOT that they are bad its just that its getting abit too tired lol
cpayne93  +   962d ago
My eyes are definitely on Nintendo this year, mostly for the announcement of Pikmin 3, which I have been waiting for since the wii came out.

But other than that, I want to know what first party games are going to be coming to wii u, cause we really don't know anything at this point.

Generally I don't care about MS e3, but I'll be paying attention this time for some halo.
-Alpha  +   962d ago
In addition to everything about the Wii U, I am really excited to see gameplay for a lot of 3DS games and announcements for even more 3DS games. The 3DS library is growing bigger and bigger with quality titles, I am so excited for Luigi's Mansion 2 and Paper Mario. Nintendo has a lot of games up their sleeves for the near future

I am crossing my fingers that Sony reveals some solid VITA software, especially from third party developers (COD, GTA, FF). For PS3, we NEED to see something new for TLG. Other then that, Nintendo is who I have my eye on this year
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Wenis  +   962d ago
^Don't forget about Animal Crossing
orange-skittle  +   961d ago
How old are you guys? Pikmin? Animal Crossing? Why don't you guys just game on your cell or ipad? I find all that a waste of time. Honestly I want to see RAZORS(Fiona) new gaming tablet software lineup.

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cpayne93  +   961d ago
@orange-skittle I don't know about them but I'm 19 and I enjoy just about every genre in gaming. Not a big fan of Animal Crossing, but do NOT imply that pikmin, an rts, is equal to the likes casual games on phones.
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fermcr  +   962d ago
I'm looking forward for something that really surprises me that i was not expecting, not something that i already know about it's existence.

I want to see fanboys crying and making petitions that a specific game or accessory is not on their platform of choice.

I want to see a 3ps/action/rpg/violent/sex AAA game title made by a famous developer.
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soraalam1  +   962d ago
I wanna see Dark Cloud 3 for PS3. Thats a surprise
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   962d ago
microsoft to own E3 as usual. can't wait.
JTX123  +   962d ago
yeah MS 4 life brah
DNAbro  +   962d ago
can't tell if serious. Microsoft was hated by pretty much everyone for the last two E3's for just focusing on Kinect.
ATi_Elite  +   962d ago
Blah ha ha hahah

MS at E3 has been HORRIBLE the last few years!

But this year they should own it if they:

Show Windows 8
Show Next Box
Show Halo 4
have a better Windows phone
Announce Xbox 360 titles to be playable on PC

then MS would OWN E3 Hands Down!
ATi_Elite  +   962d ago
I'm looking forward to E3 being OVER!
Once E3 is out of the way I know GAMESCON is just that much closer! Gamescon is where the excitement happens for PC Gamers as E3 is all about the Consoles!!
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ForeverGamer  +   962d ago
i want to see
God Of War Ascension Single Player Gameplay
Last of us gameplay and release date
the last gaurdian release date
FFV13 gameplay and release date
GTA 5 gameplay
PSA Battle Royale gameplay
i want to see new games from sony for Ps3/Psvita

Wii U release date
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Patriots_Pride  +   961d ago
I am looking forward to the Wii-U and cross fingers that Nintendo got it right this time.

I want to re-live my NES Super NES and N64 days.
morkendo23  +   961d ago
I'm looking forward announcement from EA new "NEED FOR SPEED" not criterions "HOTPURSUIT" nor blackbox studio "THE RUN" but a serious back to its roots nfs game from ps1 era. announcement of GT6 ps4
a NEW ratchet and clank..............would like to see announcement on Wii-U a new CONTRA,Gradius,R-TYPE,EINHANDE R.....some OLD SCHOOL sidescrolling games.
LOGICWINS  +   962d ago
I'm looking forward to Tomb Raider. The gameplay presentation at last year's E3 looked incredible. Def raised the bar for cinematic gaming this generation.
Splooshington  +   962d ago
They haven't shown anything in a while so Tomb Raider fell off my radar, but wow that game looked incredible.

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SockeyBoy  +   962d ago
...yes fell off my..."raider" too! haha! Oh far out im bored.
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   962d ago
i know right. gonna be far better than uncharted IMO. brah
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JTX123  +   962d ago
yeah tomb raider is better than uncharted, brah.
SilentNegotiator  +   962d ago
*Spam, JTX
Can't tell if mocking....
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orange-skittle  +   961d ago
Funny how things changed. These fools want to hate on the game that inspired UNCHARTED. Now everyone is an Uncharted fanboy and hate the game that started it all. These are the games that give birth to those titles you love TODAY and they are being hated on by these freakin 12 yr old gamers. Look at what Halo, Kill.Switch, Virtua Fighter, and Call of Duty have done for gaming. No one can say those games did not mold the direction of gaming today. Very instrumental. So I say to the DISAGREE mashers, There would be no Drake without Lara Croft..so suck on it

Look what Steve Jobs has done for portable music, cell phones, and laptops? He changed the industry completely. Sony kicked it off with the WALKMAN, why did it take Apple to create iPOD to change the world? Sony has no damn vision. Why did it take MS to see that online interactivity was our future and left Sony again, gasping for air....no vision. They focused on stats more than anything else. They didnt know that PC per Household was going to grow so fast, just like they didnt envision digital downloads were going to be upon us so soon. It's their fault for the demise of the their company.
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ashbc  +   962d ago
I don't know if I want one but I'm most interested in hearing more about the Wii U. So many questions that need answers...
TGF_Zero  +   962d ago
I wonder if Wii U will steal the show
metsgaming  +   962d ago
if counting by attention in that case yes thats established already, unless ms sneak announces something but i doubt it.
Patriots_Pride  +   961d ago
If MS or Sony dont reveal the 720 and PS4 then yes the Wii U will be the center of attention.

Unless Valve come out on stage and announce Half Life 3 or a new console : )
PygmelionHunter  +   961d ago
Valve would need good first party support if they decide to release a new console, which is unfortunate because they hardly release any games nowadays...
zeddy  +   961d ago
doesnt matter if it steals the show. im not going to get a wii-u until i see what sony and microsoft are doing with their new consoles.
ape007  +   962d ago
looking mostly for Exclusive Wiiu Nintendo Games, seeing how nintendo games would be in HD with all the new controller features

and.....Grand Theft Auto V
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Summons75  +   962d ago
ashbc  +   962d ago
Even the waves of poor Kinect games that Microsoft will so proudly show?
Summons75  +   962d ago
sure why not bound to be something interesting....and you can't tell be the bad child acting isn't hilarious
Sucitta  +   962d ago
nintendo nintendo nintendo <3
xruiner89  +   962d ago
GTA V gameplay along with release date.
metsgaming  +   962d ago
Splooshington  +   962d ago
Really? Me too.
BitbyDeath  +   962d ago
New consoles, all 3 of them.
aviator189  +   962d ago
Wishful thinking, with the exception of Wii-U's likely full unveiling.
JAMurida  +   962d ago
FFXIV on PS3 and the usual.

I hope to see Mirror's Edge 2, but god forbid something that's not a strict FPS.
glennco  +   962d ago
nothing really. the only thing i really care about at this stage is new consoles. everything else i don't need e3 for. games get announced all year round
Raider69  +   962d ago
Im looking forward to actually get in,but mostly that my flight to US dont get delay!
r21  +   962d ago
im looking forward for new games and gameplay :D
Neo-Axl  +   962d ago
I'm hoping for more on Final Fantasy Versus XIII & The Last Guardian, maybe some more games to convince me to get my hands on a PS Vita, anything other will be a very welcomed bonus for me :D
soraalam1  +   962d ago
Dark Cloud 3! Its not likely but...
Lucreto  +   962d ago
More gameplay for Bioshock Infinite, Assassin's Creed 3 and hopefully Dragon Age 3 announcement.

Also more information on the extending ending for ME3 and the expansion for Skyrim.
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Rhezin  +   962d ago
Siren30  +   962d ago
For battle royale gameplay just go play smash bros on the wii
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Ascalon94  +   962d ago
true, but he wants to see what will separate it from smash bros and what makes it a sony centric game.
megaworm25  +   962d ago
Fallout 4 (i know it won't happen but i can always hope)

ElementX  +   962d ago
I'm waiting for the end of the E3 articles
Splooshington  +   962d ago
Who pissed in your cornflakes?
ElementX  +   962d ago
I'm just tired of the speculation, the commentary from 100 different websites, the "winner/loser" articles, 25 different websites posting articles with the same news, the fanboyism...
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BitbyDeath  +   962d ago
After the E3 articles end we'll likely start getting articles for TGS :-p
remanutd55  +   962d ago
i'm looking forward to Wii U hardware reveal and launch line up
Vita fall line up ( hopefully inFAMOUS, Killzone and Heavenly Sword be part of it lol)
ps4 info
Venox2008  +   961d ago
don't forget new 3DS games.. if they would show new 2 Metroids one for Wii U and other for 3DS I will gonna scream! :)
remanutd55  +   961d ago
no, i dont care about 3DS games or the system for that matter so no i'm not looking forward to anything 3DS related
mike1up  +   962d ago
Can't wait to see WiiU games, price, specs, and the Nintendo Network.

I also want to know more about the new X-Com strategy game.
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NintendoNerd90  +   962d ago
price and release date won't be announced :(
ronin4life  +   962d ago
Yes. Nintendo has confirmed this.
But they will most likely take info from e3 into consideration and announce this info shortly after. ^_^
mike1up  +   962d ago
Nintendo has said nothing about the release date (rumored for November), just price.

They won't give the exact price at E3, but I am hoping for a ballpark price.
vega275  +   962d ago
I'm only interested in the WiiU and Halo,forza and whatever nintendo and MS are showing. skipping sony's conference since I haven't brought nothing for it since GT5(wasted my money on that one,never again)
thebudgetgamer  +   962d ago
I hope it doesn't hurt when your pants catch fire.
#22.1 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
vega275  +   962d ago
why would they? did your catch fire or was you trying to be funny with that tired ass joke?
#22.1.1 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report
thebudgetgamer  +   962d ago
Whoa, no need for that language children may be looking.

"did your catch fire"

I don't even know what that means.
WeskerChildReborned  +   962d ago
I'm looking forward to some possible PS3 title reveals maybe an Infamous 3 announcement. Also looking forward to seeing the Wii U and some GTA V gameplay.
aviator189  +   962d ago
Honestly, the Wii-U and a Zelda HD for the system would be E3 Heaven.
NintendoNerd90  +   962d ago
I'm looking forward to the Nintendo haters' reaction when they see how awesome the Wii U is gonna be.
majiebeast  +   962d ago
Yeah cause the games they are gonna unveil isnt the same they have been shoving down your throat for 20 years, and multiplat games we alrdy played on console's that dont rely on gimmick's.
AWBrawler  +   961d ago
So I guess I'm the only person who realizes Nintendo launches several new games with each new system huh???

Heck just recently the 3DS launched with a new game, Steel Diver, and has 3 great new Downloadable games: Sakura Samurai, Pushmo, and Freaky Forms.

And it may be one they had before, but it's not like we see Kid Icarus every year or even every decade for that matter.

If you truly believe Nintendo will have NOTHING new or exciting to show at E3, you're lying to yourself.
StrongMan  +   962d ago
Just tell me when it's Sony's turn. I eyes can't take anymore bad actors acting out Kinect crap on stage.
DigitalRaptor  +   961d ago
Sony & Ninty are probably the only platform holders with lots OF interesting things to show. New IPs galore and of course sequels.

Looking forward to Irrational Games and BioShock Infinite.

Square Enix with Versus XIII... PLEASE!!

Sega and their Dreamcast classics and especially Shenmue is something I've been waiting for.
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StrongMan  +   962d ago
double post
#27 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
mamotte  +   961d ago
...it's amazing you can receive disagrees (and agrees...) about something an error in N4G produces.
stuntman_mike  +   962d ago
anything and everything WiiU related and 3DS games too.

also bioshock infinite, last of us, GTA 5.

and very unlikley but would love to know more AGENT!
Sithlord-Gamble  +   962d ago
Give the Vita owners some damn games that are worthwhile!

Killzone, Infamous, AC, FF ... original ips ... idc what it is as long as its good.

This damn drought of AAA vita games is killing me.
remanutd55  +   962d ago
Resistance burning Skies is coming out in a couple of weeks , Gravity Rush is coming out june 12th , hopefully Little Big Planet comes out in june too , 3 AAA games in a month
Sithlord-Gamble  +   962d ago
Incase u forgot, none of those r out yet which means we r still in a drought of games, and regardless I think ALL vita owners r aware of those titles. Hell, i have em all reserved already and MGS collection ... im talking about UNANNOUNCED titles.
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remanutd55  +   962d ago
yea i think we will get full vita fall/holidays line up at E3
ShabbaRanks  +   962d ago
I'm going to be too busy with work and MAXPAYNE 3 !!!


But when I have the time to check a bit of E3 stuff I hope Il see some GTA5 or LastOfUs gameplay and heck even Halo4
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