Why Did GoldenEye XBLA Stall?

Patrick Klepek of writes, "If you've read the latest issue of EGM, you've probably cried over the apparently silent death of an Xbox Live Arcade version of Rare and Nintendo's classic James Bond shooter for the Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007. Quartermann's rumor mongering didn't elaborate much, but there's definitely more to the story."

"The GoldenEye port has been in development at Rare for several months, and was never intended as a remake. The XBLA version would have featured the same graphics, maps and weapons from the N64 version, but with the crucial addition of online multiplayer over Xbox Live. Several characters wouldn't make the cut due to licensing issues with certain actors."

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freakyzeeky3966d ago

It says... "Microsoft apparently wanted this to happen, too, but it sadly cancelled the 007 port even though it was l'ocked and ready to go."

That's too bad, could have been something great for the XBLA players. :'(

Ri0tSquad3966d ago

what was so good about this game?

v1c1ous3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )



no i'm joking.

what was great about this game was picking oddjob and slapping everyone to death cause i was shorter than everyone

SmokeyMcBear3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

did you not play this game.. I remember playing 4 player split screen tourneys all the time.. maybe you didnt have 3 other friends to play the game with

ha visious.. it wasnt directed at you, but the op.. and yeah.. damn blowjob... he was too short, he was forbidden when we played. I remember we were all trying to find the cheat to get the oldschool sean connery bond skin.. but never could.

Dann79783966d ago

Hi guys im new what happens if you earn points here????


you get slapped in the face by oddjob

Iceman100x3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Microsoft is a piece of trash why else would they ignore a game that everyone wants, and at the same time bring some dignity to they live service at the same time. Hey if they don't want it send it over to nintendo where it belongs.

Ogrekiller3966d ago

Nintendo and MS couldn't agree on pricing.
It's all Nintendo's fault this time.

Arutha3966d ago

I like the one you can play on Steam. The graphics were updated, but the levels felt pretty good from what I remember.

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