The Elder Scrolls Online Factions Based on Lion, Eagle, Dragon

Kyle from Vivid Gamer writes:

Now that The Elder Scrolls Online has been officially revealed, we can look back to the March 2012 leak of an Elder Scrolls MMO by Tom’s Guide and look for clues. All of the details first reported by Tom’s Guide have proven to be true, including the setting, time period, and presence of three player factions. The leak also claimed that each faction would be thematically based on three different animals – the lion, the eagle, and the dragon. Looking at the game’s first official image, it seems that these faction symbols are indeed correct. But what does this mean for the game, and which group will you choose to side with?

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Jamesmanguyperson2150d ago

Hoping that a console port is in the works..

paybackprahl2150d ago

That would be great, but I have a hard time seeing it happen. Bethesda gonna have their hands full just fixing all the bugs in the PC and Mac release, amiright?

rrquinta2150d ago

While I agree a console port would be nice, Bethesda doesn't have the best track record with consoles (esp PS3), and console MMOs in general tend to struggle, at least in the West, so it would make sense for them to focus on the PC market.

ncstatefan9532150d ago

Bethesda's games are far from bug free on consoles.

Ernsty2150d ago

Hey now, what if Obsidian was making it? :P

TheLiztress2150d ago

I'm interested to see how these factions will be explained.

the worst2150d ago

Bugthesda's with another buggy game

kamruk2150d ago

Factions have been detailed in GI spread