Starhawk is the game to get this may

TecStories writes: After playing the beta. it's safe to say this game will be a day one purchase. I had a ton of fun on the beta maps which were large and expansive, and each vehicle types in the game feels unique and powerful. I was particularly impressed with the tank in this game. The following video will highlight the badassery of the Ox Heavy tank in starhawk.

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Uncharted2Vet1964d ago

the game to get in may is Max Payne 3 imo.

solidjun51964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I think this month has some pretty damn good games to get, including Starhawk and Max Payne 3. Should be fun now that my finals are almost over.

Understood. I'm whatever game you get (in this case, Max) you'll enjoy it. Happy Gaming. ^_^

Uncharted2Vet1964d ago

im kind of on the fence about StarHawk about Max payne im getting for sure.

Godchild10201964d ago

Max Payne is one of the games I'll be getting this month, but Starhawk is the first for the my Ps3 this Month and I got to say, I had fun while playing the single player for Starhawk (I just beat the game) and if the Multiplayer is similar to the SP in the aspect of build, drop, shoot and fly. I'm all down for the MP. I had some issues with the game but nothing that made me think twice about my purchase.

I'm sure Max Payne will be great, but I really want to see how the Game of Thrones will be when that comes out this month. I just received my 64 page art book and its awesome.

alessandro101964d ago

Dragon Dogma IMO. but all of them will be good, hopefully there will be a change to all of them

brew1964d ago

Woohoo !

Starhawk = MULTIPLAYER + single player + co-op
Max Payne 3 = SINGLE PLAYER + multiplayer

Redempteur1964d ago

Sorry i really want to but i'm busy with dragon dogma & atelier meruru ..
maybe next time ..

dc11964d ago

My son talked me into two copies. .. he wants to kick my bitter :) - Looking forward to it!

HammadTheBeast1964d ago

You could play online split-screen if you want lol

dc11964d ago

understood. In fact my son plays(Warhawk)4 player split screen with his friends now.

They like to challenge me and what-ever team I'm on when-ever they get a chances.

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The story is too old to be commented.