The 10 Most Offensive Games Ever

Maurice Thomas writes: "'s list of the 10 most offensive games ever created. Each one is more terrible than the last, and is regarded by the staff at Newspail as so. These games are not listed in any particular order, and once again we would like to remind you that you will most likely be highly offended by the content of at least some if not all of these games."

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RadientFlux3293d ago

Interesting list... espically since I've never played any of the games on this list and most of the titles I didn't even know existed.

LJWooly3293d ago

Well, you're lucky. I played V-Tech Rampage on Newgrounds. Absolutely disgusting how the creator could have thought that such a serious subject could be funny to take the p1ss out of.

You owe it to yourself not to play any of those games.

kangolar1023293d ago

this is honestly a disgrace to the human race and disgusting games like this should be banned. way to give video games a bad name. wow, pathetic.

v1c1ous3293d ago

maybe a bad sense of deja vu?

RecSpec3293d ago

There was a list of the most offensive games on here by gamesradar a couple of weeks ago, the games are in different order, but most of the same offenders are here.

Tarmgar3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Extremely racist people are ignorant.

kornbeaner3293d ago

All you can do is laugh and point at the idiots you make this crap. they'll get theirs in the END!!! F*CKERS!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.