PSM3: Why Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is PS3's Gears of War

Both games have the power to break their own structure with the allure, or distraction, of their visuals alone. In fact, arguably, Uncharted is the best looking next-gen game (full stop).

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socomnick3962d ago

I dont think so they play very similiar but the impact gears had on gaming was way way bigger.

wil4hire3962d ago

no one thought the 360 was capable of handling a 10 year old unreal engine.

Who woulda thunk that the 360 could run a pc game at non hd resolutions, terrible sound.. and 3 characters max on the screen.

TriggerHappy3962d ago

Comparing Uncharted to Gears of War is an understatement. And by that, I mean Gears still looks amazing for a game released 2? years ago. However, Uncharted has pushed graphics on consoles to a whole new as we know it.

Am more anxious to see how much Epic will push the 360 with Gears 2.

testerg353962d ago

Yet you guys get all excited over UT3?

kevoncox3962d ago

Why compare a AAA title to a None AAA title.
The shooting mechanics of GOW are solid. Everythign feels like it should. However, I hate/ loathed the shooting elements of Uncharted. They are as generic as can be. The wall crawl on Uncharted is also bad.

I hated the story telling in GOW.

Mr Marbles3962d ago

Are you kidding me, GOW is on a whole different level, do you have any idea how many copies of Gears sold in just the first week!!! LOL uncharted has nothing in common with gears but the things it copied from Gears, Uncharted has bright pretty colors, but the actual graphics are not that great, the people look like they are made of paper, the game looks like a popup book LOL.

Gondee3962d ago

if you have to tell me why it is, it isnt. And it didnt sell nearly as well

Cynical-Gamerzus3962d ago

Gears was very rigid and scripted I felt at times it moved by itself the way you ran and the way you moved was held back by the Graphics and the limited environment.The boss encounters weren't so exciting!
But it was pretty nice looking.But
the engine is aging very poorly against PS3 console engines that will emerge as supirior!As Multi core takes over every aspect of gaming ,like,AI, physics, multiplayer, etc. and effects and BLuray shows its capacity benefits..
So RIP PC engines ..Say hello to PS3 cell is there such a thing.

actas1233962d ago

Uncharted is just more exciting and interesting.

tomfoolery3962d ago

listen here you multitude of dipsh1ts which have destroyed this once cool site,
NOTHING.....I repeat NOTHING the ps3 has or ever will have,can or will touch the Gears franchise...........period.
Look at the sales!
And as far as the game's graphics,gameplay,live play,characters,etc,etc,are just amazing.
If you don't realize it,now you should.

Enjoy your N4G bubbles and anti MS bs that's spread here daily..........
I know it amuses the sh1t out of me.

The greatest will be when Gears 2 is released.............oh......
to see the pathetic look on each of your Sony turd faces.
You guys DREEEAAAAM you could get this one.
METAL GEAR WHAT and who cares when you got Gears.

Suck it easy Iceholes,

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AceLuby3962d ago

Both are 3rd person shooters, both have a great cover system, both have good graphics, both came out in the 1st year of their console to show what the console can do. IMO Uncharted looks better and the AI is better, but overall the games are very similar in gameplay and effect it had on their respective system.

Eclipse3962d ago

Gears was a better game but Naughty dog aimed at making a single player game and they really nailed it.

I don't see how u can compare an fps to a third person adventure game.

Blood_Spiller3962d ago

Gears of War is a fps? I could've sworn it had a 3rd person/over the shoulder view just like Uncharted does, I guess I'm thinking of a different game though...

MadMax3962d ago

Gears was great but kinda got a little old after awhile for me. Uncharted is awesome and graphics are incredible!

Mr Marbles3962d ago

Gears has awesome online multiplayer and even online coop!?!? How the hel can Uncharted be more exciting with longer legs, you play it once then your done, yet you are telling me that you got bored with GOW and not Uncharted? You are brainwashed.

RadientFlux3962d ago

Both Uncharted and Gears of War are excellent, both titles are so good that if you asked me which one was better I would have a hard time deciding.

okcomputer3962d ago

Both games are amazing. Gears is still my favorite 360 game (beating out bioshock by a hair) and uncharted is by far my favorite ps3 game, but I'd have to give the edge to gears if I had to choose. The atmosphere and story were much better imo

MadMax3959d ago

Im saying GOW is another run, duck and shoot game to me. I am gettin a little tird of those kind of games since the market is just swarmed with these games. I like something a little more unique, which uncharted was. From its graphics to its gameplay, just simply amazing. It seems like you are the one that is brainwashed considering you are just playing the same game over and over again like alot of society. When someone comes up with a new idea, you should wanna give it a chance. Dont just buy into hype or play a game just because everyone else is supposed to be playing it. That my friend would make you another robot clone.

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