PSU Gives 5.5/10 To Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus

PSU writes: "As most of you know, here at we like to structure our reviews so the story element of the game is brought to you quickly from the get go. After all, it's such an integral part of the game, correct? Yeah, we thought so too, until we put this UMD into the PSP. What was Kojima Productions thinking? They released a marvelous title with a plot that featured plenty of twists and turns within Metal Gear Solid Ops; however, within its expansion pack that is also a standalone, there is none to speak of."

+ Quality visuals
+ Realistic weaponry
+ Online play

- Some visual tearing
- Repetitive mission objectives
- No storyline

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niall773994d ago

..... what where they expecting.


i don't know why they made it.

Rice3994d ago

For a second there i thought it was mgs4..