Top 10 games that need to be turned into movies

Neil Patrick Harris as an openly gay Shepard? Michael Fasbender as Gordon Freeman? WIN!

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Saryk2049d ago

A gay Shepard? Not now, maybe 10 years, maybe! Neil Patrick Harris is a good actor, just he doesnt do the gay thing!

specialguest2049d ago

Killed Zelda with Justin Bieber. The writers reason is ticket sales from Bieber fans. When hiring a non-actor for a movie role, it obviously says that quality doesn't matter, its all about sale.


Moncole2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

The guy is probably a crack head. And the guy who wrote this has to be an idiot.

No game should become a movie because videogames movies always suck

TekoIie2049d ago

Prince of Persia says hi....

fallacious2049d ago

Have to disagree with no.6, Hugh Laurie should be Gordon Freeman since they look uncannily alike.

TekoIie2049d ago

Why does everyone think Mass effect should be a movie??? Yes the scenes in the game are brilliant and the storyline is one of the best this gen (Dont care about the ending already heard that joke, dont got the time) but it wouldnt be right at all.

Mass effect's strong points are that you can create a character who actually talks (unlike skyrim and similar RPG's), customise your playstyle and have incredible interaction with characters. None of these strong points could be done in a movie unless it had nothing to do with our Sheps...

kevnb2049d ago

Planescape torment as a big budget animation.

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