SCEA to continue focus on 40GB and 80GB PS3, reported that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan plans to discontinue the 20GB and 60GB models, which will leave the focus only on the 40GB model in the region. Following this announcement, many have questioned Sony's focus for Europe and North America.

While the European subsidiary of the company has yet to comment on the matter, Sony Computer Entertainment of America has confirmed that they will not realign their strategy at this moment, stating that they aim to continue their focus on the 40GB and 80GB SKUs.

A company statement reads:

"….SCEI made an announcement in reference to Japan no longer shipping the 20GB and 60GB PlayStation 3 configurations. We have already stopped shipping these in the US and have been focused on the 80GB and 40GB configurations, which are currently at retail. As we've said, we will also continue to read and evaluate market trends and communicate with consumers to determine appropriate configurations for each territory."

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PSWe603987d ago

I'm happy with my 60 Gig.
Enough with the SKU's, people are confussed and scared

HB-Sauce3987d ago

Everyone fears change, so why should a company make several different systems just to scare off potential buyers? The 40GB and 80GB PS3's are great options for the time being. The only change I could see is a price drop for both systems when some good exclusives are released.

Cyrus3653987d ago

When japan gets their new SKU, SOny will slowly phase out the 80 gig model around the world.

Then introduce the new SKU (Whatever that new SKU is, that is announced in japan).