At CES, every vendor was selling the Wii

Ars Technica writes:

"While Nintendo didn't have a booth at CES, it was impossible to ignore the fact that everyone else was using the Wii system and the Nintendo brand to draw people into their booths. Showing off a huge projector? Hook up a Wii, put Wii Sports on the screen, and start handing out controllers. Same thing with televisions, chairs, speakers, home theater decorations... you name it. If the product was in some way able to have a Wii hooked up to it, that's the way vendors tried to hook observers."

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TheXgamerLive3988d ago

Many vendors did however have a Wii hooked up to a big screen.

PS360WII3988d ago

well not physically selling it for money, but they were selling off the ability to play the game for a peek at what they are trying to market. Many ways to 'sell' something.

BrianC62343988d ago

I find this story very hard to believe. Ars Technica isn't much of a site anyway. I think Ben is just overhyping the Wii. He probably just prefers it and feels bad it isn't getting much press this week. Nobody in their right mind would hook up a Wii to show off a really nice screen or even projector. Why use a console with last gen graphics to do that?

Rice3988d ago

nintendo didnt have a booth?

djt233988d ago

no sh**
Nintendo dont have to do anything

deeznuts3988d ago

Without even clicking it, I bet the author was Ben Kuchera. Can someone verify this (can't stand that guy).

BrianC62343988d ago

You're 100% correct. Is he a Nintendo nut? They weren't much of a story at CES. I figured Benny just had to make Nintendont look good. I don't think much of Ars Technica. Most of the time it isn't worth a click.

deeznuts3987d ago

No he is not a Nintendo nut, but he has a very very strong anti-Sony bias. This is very clear with his articles and he gets called out on every story he does. How is this story anti-Sony? I was just guessing because this is about a non-story as it can be. MS doesn't have anything going on, Nintendo didnt' have a booth, Blu-Ray just took over, so this is what he writes. Frank Caron, who loves all machines, is a much better and more objective writer.

This is what goes on at Arstechnica. Remmeber that divx deal Sony announced? Well someone internally titled the article, "Sony's DivX Distribution Deal SUX LOL" I guess some people get RSS feeds or something, so they found out the original title before Ars changed it to "Sony to distribute content in DivX format"

Proof here

TheExodus3988d ago

This generation isn't all about horsepower, it's all about handling & I just love handling my Wii. Uh oh, double entendre!

BrianC62343987d ago

Long term this generation is about graphics. For now Wii gamers don't care but when they upgrade to HD TV they'll be crying about the crappy last gen graphics. And that controller has been in the news a lot lately. A lot of peoplehave been getting injured using it. Maybe they should see their doctor before playing with their Wii.

wiizy3987d ago

what else is going to get peoples attention.. the wii is the only thing that is fresh

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