Shinji Mikami's pedigree makes Zwei most exciting Survival Horror game in years

Why Shinji Mikami's Zwei could be the shot in the arm Survival Horror so desperately needs.

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shodan742356d ago

Seriously excited about 'Zwei'. Mikami pretty much single-handedly established the survival-horror genre, and almost every project he's worked on has been a gem. It's no coincidence that Resident Evil has taken a notable downturn as a series after his departure.

2356d ago
jc485732356d ago

dude, show us at least an early footage.

CLOUD19832356d ago

I am so excited about this game I want to see the progress they do every few days this will be something like a drug to an addict (me) I want my dose!(Zwei news,screenshots,videos) :O

GO-GO! Mikami-San