Pagani coming to Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios announced today that Italian automaker Pagani will be joining the ranks of the already impressive roster of their upcoming racing game, Project CARS. The three models that will be available are the Zonda R, the Zonda Cinque and the Huayra.

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HellzAssassin2356d ago

PAGANI! Simply put, automobile perfection.

360ICE2356d ago

Pagani kicks ass!
Vrooom! Vrrroooooooooom! Bzzzzzvrooooooom!

...Anyway, they do make some nice cars.

memots2356d ago

Man o Man i cannot wait for this to be release.

One thing that gets me worried is the rumor that its coming to console ??

NYC_Gamer2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Yes, its coming to consoles too..

memots2356d ago

hmmm that can't be good. Well its good for the studio ( Mo money ) But for a pc sim enthusiast like i am it scares me that they would put resources on the console and try to make it the same again across the board.

NYC_Gamer2356d ago

I'm buying the game on PC myself..really doubt the studio will disappoint even though its coming to console just look at all the released videos/screens....

vortis2355d ago

No worries memots, this game is actually PC FIRST! WOOOOOOT!

I'm also curious if the Wii U version will utilize the PC's DX11 capabilities or if it will be a direct port of the 360 version?

Anyways, so far, to be in pre-alpha and still have stuff added to it on a weekly basis, Slightly Mad Studios is just knocking it out of the ball park. The audio alone will make your heart melt.

memots2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

I think i will buy my way in the releases that are available. You actually get your money back when getting the full release , cannot wait anymore.

Check it out !