New Halo series from Todd McFarlane

First Look at Master Chief, Spartans, Brute Stalker and ODST.

In a licensing agreement with Microsoft, McFarlane Toys is producing action figures based on the video game series Halo.

New photos of the Halo Series 2 toys from Todd McFarlane.

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Charlie26883930d ago

They are looking pretty good I might consider getting the Spartan ones, The Arbiter and The Brute, sadly the ONLY thing that sort of bugs me about the McFarlane is that NEVER is the quality of the figures the same as the pictures and many times it disappoints :(

btw if you are REALLY a collecting whore:

Kotobukiya > McFarlane, I mean hell just compare the Master Chiefs both released

wil4hire3930d ago

the 360 section of this site is completely dead. Only good news for xbots is that all of its games will be on the PC as well.

not even fun to troll anymore.

InYourMom3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

You still manage to troll..

Go figure. And just one thing to remember about your stupid PC commment, the PS3 will never see them.

wil4hire3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Seriously.. that was far too easy.

As do most people that have PS3's

Remember, the more affluent demographics dip in PS3's favor.

And single 360 only owners will never see any of the PS3s actual exclusives.


UCLA Anderson. Google it. Then be sad. Buying videogames doesn't = more affluent now does it? Owning a Bluray player/1080p tv and a home theater system to utilize all of the players capabilities means disposable income.

Although whats the point, keep thinking statistical data on ones income is based on 'attatch rate' I know children that buy tons of 360 titles, then play them on a 19" Tyco tv.

PS3 owners make more than 360 owners, and are more likely to have a medium to high range personal computer. Its the same way that Apple customers in the PC field make more money than those in the PC world.

Facts are facts chump.

wageslave3930d ago

"Remember, the more affluent demographics dip in PS3's favor. "

Really? Where did you pull that from? Your arse?

Based on the total spending for the industry and attach rates, I'd say you're pretty wrong. Also, all the "oh, my game machine plays movies" you'd think that the PS3 owner seems overly interested in saving $100 on a movie-player.... strange.

moujahed3930d ago

Todd McFarlane fawkin rocks!

TwissT3930d ago

The title was a bit missleading, I thought they where making a new Halo lol, anyway on topic those toys look pretty cool.