One for All? Not really!

It is kind of interesting. As the whole consumer electronics and film industry was discussing the end of the format war it already came to my mind that we are of course having the same issue with game consoles since years. What other than a format war is the onging battle between the big three Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony?

After EA came up recently with the idea of an open gaming platform, now David Jaffe is jumping on the same bandwaggon with his latest post on his blog. the question is actually a very valid one and it is actually not easy to justify a multi platform approach in this area, where we are all asking for single platforms and standards in others. It's even more difficult to justify this approach looking specifically at the movie industry as both are very similar in many ways.

Ok, before we discuss the pros and cons let's look at the situation as such

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Satans Cousin3964d ago

(UbiTool) Oh great!, another Capcomcop saying how much Lost Planet 2 is soooo,much-better then God of War 3.

TheXgamerLive3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

But for a gaming console, we'd basically have a PC set up for gaming only and that's not too exciting, this the console wars will carry on.

Thinking....I can see it now, well who's inside's are going in this single console, mine, no mine, no mine....we'd have MS and sony and Nintendo all making a console with the same guts but trying to market there's as the better unit, lol.

Then they'd still be wasting money trying to one up each other, naaa the single unit will never be.

Let freedom ring!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or competition as the case may be:)