Top 5 valid reasons to own Black Ops 2 this November

With Black Ops 2 dividing opinion on its direction, here are five valid reasons to own the game come this November.

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Hufandpuf2336d ago

"Bad A$# Weapons" That's valid!?

bunt-custardly2336d ago

Depends on which end of the barrel you are.

lorianguy2336d ago

That was nice.
I like that.

NastyLeftHook02336d ago

there should only be 1 reason, if you like the game, buy it..simple.

bunt-custardly2336d ago

Fair comment, although some people might need a little more encouragement when they mouth off after seeing just one trailer and a couple of screenshots.

Tomonobu Itagaki2336d ago

Yeah right, watching our objectives on our wrist is so awesome I'll buy a game just for that feature.

Seraphemz2336d ago

I hate Top # of anything... such BS articles, wayyyyyy overused.

Valenka2336d ago

1.) The Story
No thanks. I didn't like Black Ops and I certainly won't like Black Ops 2. Not to mention that I never liked the story of any of Activision's games.

2.) 80's Cold War Action on Horseback
I'll stick to Red Dead games.

3.) Mini Pad on Your Wrist
I'll pass - I have Fallout.

4.) Strike Force / Missions affecting the game
Riiiiiight...I'll stick to any good RPG for that.

5.) Bad Ass Weapons
Bitch, please.

MerkinMax2336d ago

Just a quick question, do you like Uncharted 3?

MerkinMax2336d ago

Alright thanks, didn't want to jump to conclusions, and sorry if it was Off topic.

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The story is too old to be commented.