Star Wars Kinect is terrible – JonTron

JonTron takes a look at Star Wars Kinect.

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StrongMan2388d ago

That was hilarious! Almost as funny as the Kinect Star Wars review from Angry Joe.

MiamiACR212388d ago

I didn't watch the video because I read your comment. If the video above is "Almost as funny" as the review from Angry Joe, and Angry Joe being the most drab and boring, not to mention the most unfunny man in existence; let's just say anybody with a working mind should not watch this video.

Hicken2388d ago

Knowing your comments, I figured both video were pretty funny, as you seem to have zero taste in... well, anything.

MiamiACR212387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I understand your comment Hicken, but there comes a time in a mans life where he appreciates quality in everything, including humor. I see you're not there yet, and I'd say that I wish I could have stayed 16 forever and appreciate this type of "Humor" today, but I'd be lying; because I never really did like watching trash.

cstyle2388d ago

lol...what was that? That fat dude needs all the kinect he can get.

2388d ago
from the beach2388d ago

It wasn't that bad and the dude in the video knows it.

The menu did suck though, the exact same system works perfectly on dashboard so who knows how they managed to mess it up.