Gaikai And Wikipad Team Up For Cloud Gaming On The World’s First Gaming Tablet writes: "Gaikai, the innovative cloud gaming service, today announced a partnership with Wikipad, makers of the first tablet to offer an attachable, console-quality gamepad controller. The partnership will see the Gaikai client integrated into the tablet, making game streaming available to Wikipad users."

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blackbirdi1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

wikipad the stupidest name i ever heared wors then vita and wii u

Samus HD1820d ago

is this from microsoft ?

1820d ago
gtxgamer21820d ago

noticed that they took xbox buttons... EXACT xbox buttons lul.

gapecanpie1812d ago

Lol it was only a matter of time.....handhelds are dead... vita is already slowly dying..............