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So you wanna be a gaming hipster and play indie titles? Fabtastic! I have just the thing for you: Lone Survivor, a psychological horror game made entirely by one person. It's 2D, it's low-fi and it borrows heavily from the Silent Hill series and David Lynch's movies. Doesn't get any hipsterastic than that. Now, if the abovementioned names mean anything to you, then you already know what to expect. Constant darkness, creepy atmosphere, too much ambiguity, very little hand-holding and unforgettable music. If someone would have told me that I'm listening to a brand new Silent Hill soundtrack, I would have been fooled. Now this isn't gonna be a love letter to Jasper Byrne (the developer) because once again, contrary to everyone else, my opinion is somewhat less than rosy. Let's face it, I'm just way more hip that way. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

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