Latest Final Fanasty XIII info in next months Dengeki Playstation

This months issue of Dengenki Playstation doesn't contain any new Final Fantasy XIII information, however it does state that next month's will have "the latest information on all the Final Fantasy titles" including Final Fantasy XIII and hopefully screenshots of the latest Jump Festa trailer.

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Darkiewonder3992d ago

information we heard or they are going to reiterate the story so far from the trailers given. Hope more information and story will be told!

Mattearl3992d ago

You know... Square Enix are sure being Tight liped about information on the new Final Fantasy... Would be nice if we actually got some good information... like a ballpark release date :)

Guwapo773991d ago

That is all that I've been looking for...a release date. I don't want to see anymore trailers or anything. I want to be amazed throughout the game...nothing like oh...I remember that from the trailer. Screw that. I've seen more than enough already to make me purchase the game.

KidMakeshift3991d ago

Just give us a in-game trailer

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