Capcom: Dragon's Dogma is the biggest world we've ever made

OXM UK: "Say what you like about Capcom's attitude to Street Fighter X Tekken character rosters - when it comes to Dragon's Dogma, we doubt you'll be left wanting more. Assuming, that is, they're being serious about the "300 hour playthrough" thing."

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j-blaze2054d ago

this game is going to be better than Skyrim, if you ask me why i'll answer:

-interesting story with ACTUAL cutscenes "oh yes!"
-much better animations and gamepaly "dare to say the best in any action RPG out there?"
-better character customization
-epic boss battles
-Capcom's MT framework
-and's a Japanese game

simple :)

HarryMasonHerpderp2054d ago

Ah but i wonder if they will ruin it with DLC?

Trenta272054d ago

While I agree with most of that, MT Framework is a piece of crap.

dedicatedtogamers2054d ago

The problem is the combat feels very thin, almost Dynasty Warriors-ish. I was pumped for this game after seeing the very first trailers, but after playing the demo I cancelled my fully-paid-off preorder.

Sure, it'll appeal to some people, but Capcom really missed the mark, IMO, especially since they didn't include co-op (to be released later as DLC, I'm sure)

RedDead2054d ago

That's why...jus twait for th final game to see if the Demo was just easy or if the game is just easy. RPG demos generally give you abilities you're no supposed to have yet

brish2054d ago

From article:
"We wanted to try something new, and break into this open-world RPG genre, but of course include all the Capcom elements that we have in a lot of our games."

Sigh. I was looking forward to this game until I knew it had Capcom elements in it.

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Reborn2054d ago

When you approach an NPC, you'll be greeted with:

"You don't have the required DLC to start this quest."

andron6662054d ago

Yeah, like in the Dragon Age series? I think EA and Bioware beat them too it. lol....

Yangus2054d ago

I play demo.......not bad,but medicore game.

MysticStrummer2054d ago

The demo is pretty old and doesn't really represent the full game well. I stumbled across some open world gameplay videos, which sold me on the game. The combat in the demo just sealed the deal. I can't wait.

alessandro102054d ago

when the game comes out you all will regret what you say, the game will be awesome.

Kaos_Vll2054d ago

RPG of the year. Game has great combat gameplay, very important in a game you plan on spending a good amount of time in. Demo has me sold.