16bits Review:The Walking Dead – Episode 1 Review

The Walking Dead has crawled itself away from our TVs and Comic Books and onto our gaming machines. Telltale was given another opportunity to bring an already successful universe to life using their point and click mechanics. After mixed reviews of their last game I was very unsure whether this would be much different but at 400 Microsoft points on the Xbox360 I thought it was worth the gamble and I’m so glad I did.

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Valenka2390d ago

I decided to try out the demo and I was really impressed. While I'm not a fan of cell-shaded graphics...I hate them as a matter of fact...the rest of the game was phenomenal. It's nice to see the game take on that of the original comic series and I was taken aback by the RPG elements; I had no idea the game offered that. 400 Microsoft Points is still a little too steep for me, especially considering it's episodic and I've no idea the time it'll take me to complete Episode 1. I'll wait for a price drop if there is one - if not, then maybe I'll get lucky down the line and they'll release all five episodes on a disc.

NukaCola2389d ago

I have Back to the Future. you get a lot for the price man. If you buy the series right out, it's only $20 for 5 episodes. Tell Tale is good. BTTF is good, Sam and Max. I heard JP was ok but still fun. If you like the demo, buy the series I am sure they will be great. You will get your moneys worth.

16bitsgames2389d ago

I'd agree with NukaCola, its best to buy them all up front for 1 flat fee because if the rest of the episodes are anything like the first its going to make a fantastic series.....

I really enjoyed BTTF but also heard that JP was good but very messy with it quick time events.

Thanks for the comments.