I Want Black Ops II More Than Halo 4

A longtime "Halo" supporter finds himself in the enemy camp with the stunning new "Black Ops II" announcements.

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kevnb2356d ago

good for you, sadly I probably agree but wont buy either.

neutralgamer192356d ago

I stopped reading when he said "stunning blop ops 2" announcement" wtf was stunning about that? Lol The trailer was even less "stunning" same ol bs.

GraveLord2356d ago

The setting and story of the game is really interesting. Opens up a lot of doors for for multiplayer. They already said that this time they are listening the community and doing meaningful changes.

Just wait until the multiplayer reveal. You'll be surprised.

Did you even see the trailer? It was far from "the same old bs"

liquidhalos2356d ago

I dont mean to be argumentative but how does the setting open up new doors for multiplayer? It probably just means that there will be different killstreaks mashed in to the same gameplay.

Kaos_Vll2356d ago


you mean that same gameplay that it's fan love? Why wouldn't it have the same gamplay? That's just a horrible idea to change the ONE thing that it's fan love.

neutralgamer192355d ago

Gravelord i actually did see the trailer if not i wouldnt be commenting on it. Although the trailer and the devs have shown and stated itll be more present day and futuristic that does nothing for me. Just because you add as someone mentioned new killstreaks, change venue and maybe add some mechs and a few futuristic weapons, it wont change the feel or the look.

The trailer reminded me of every other COD trailer ive seen since COD4. If you keep playing sequels of a game and the look and the gameplay itself is exactly the same you will get fatigued. COD has always been fun, but what has killed it for me is its monotony.

Paragraf2356d ago

"From a creative standpoint, in approaching that enemy we wanted to create something that played very differently from the Covenant. We didn't want it to just feel like something that looks different but still plays the same way. We wanted to create a set of enemies that work together in a collaborative way, where each one of those enemies builds on and accentuates the abilities of the others.So when you face an individual enemy they offer one challenge, but as you layer those enemies together it changes the experience in important ways and heightens the challenge. If anything, they're kind of elevated in terms of their intelligence and complexity relative to the Covenant."
Josh Holmes
343 Industries Creative director

calibann2356d ago

What ARE the enemies we'll be fighting in Halo 4?

Paragraf2356d ago

no one knows except 343.
My guess is it is going to be precursors.

calibann2356d ago

I Want Hits On My Site More Than Halo 4

Baka-akaB2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

I just find your standards to be low then . But whatever floats your boat .

I just find funny your iffy about vague details on one side , yet that psyched about an equally vague holywood style trailer , with mostly stuff we know wont be seen outside of the sp , no even better the SP mode's cutscenes .

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The story is too old to be commented.