Free Radical co-founder on TimeSplitters 4: 'Nobody wanted to sign us'.

Former Free Radical big cheese Steve Ellis has shed a little more light on the fate of TimeSplitters 4, revealing that all attempts to attract a publisher to sign the shooter fell flat.

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Convas2392d ago

Not even Sony? Didn't someone at SSM say that Sony liked taking up oddball/obscure projects? Timesplitters is well known, so it would've had some brand recognition, it wouldn't have done too badly with some good advertising. Getting Timesplitters 4 would've been a major coupe!

Good grief, is this what the industry has come to? Are we going to have to kickstart this for it to arrive?

Rhythmattic2392d ago

Haze didnt exactly help their credibility...

And for what its worth, Haze isnt a bad game, just not excellent... Worth the ride though at bargin bin prices.

Oldman1002392d ago

I actually enjoyed haze. The nectar mechanic was an original concept I haven't experienced in any other shooter and I loved being able to steal weapons from enemies. I thought the multiplayer was quite fun as well.

I just found it underwhelming in terms of its linearity, characters, and graphics. I believe the IP deserves a second chance and wouldn't mind if crytek made a sequel using the cryengine 3.

DeadlyFire2392d ago

I think Haze was the main reason. Free Radical didn't make any new title until Haze came up and after that they were changing things up again. That is a scary thing for a publisher to see. Haze itself I don't think is terrible, but its just different. These days we do have Kickstarter though, but now rights are in the hands of Crytek and they will likely utilize them at some point. Even if its a complete remodel of Timesplitters in the future.

gtxgamer22392d ago

Whats wrong with these people!!! Bring timesplitters!!

Valenka2392d ago

Damn shame, really. Timesplitters was an amazing franchise.

gazgriff2k122392d ago

timesplitters was super fun people dont like fun games now they just want killstreaks or realism

BitbyDeath2392d ago

Dammit, someone should have published them.
They are the only FPS that does hundreds of unlockables, weapons, levels, characters, mini-games etc.

That should be the FPS forumla. I would get back into them if there were more games out there like TimeSplitters.