Markus ‘Notch’ Persson attacks EA for their indie bundle; ‘EA is a bunch of cynical bastards’

DSOGaming writes: "Earlier today, EA released an indie bundle on Steam that features Deathspank, Gatling Gears, Warp, Shank 1 and Shank 2. It was a surprise seeing EA releasing an indie bundle what came afterwards caught us off guard. Markus ‘Notch’ Persson was really annoyed by EA’s actions and said some harsh words against them."

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aaaaaaaaa1721d ago

Slam me if you want, I do not give a t*** but Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is becoming annoying

dedicatedtogamers1721d ago

Indeed he is. His success with Minecraft went straight to his head.

And his new game, Scrolls, looks like total crap.

paddystan1721d ago

Notch is a good guy. He is a gamer who makes games. EA is not.

Nac1721d ago

Thank God, I thought I was the only one who thought this way!

NYC_Gamer1721d ago

EA just loves to copy what everyone else is doing

admiralthrawn871721d ago

hmm, wasn't minecraft a total ripoff?

paddystan1721d ago

Off what? There have been plenty of Minecraft rip-offs like Fortresscraft.

BraveToaster1721d ago

Infiniminer. There were other games he ripped off too, if I remember correctly. But I can't remember which exact ones.

bodybombs1721d ago

except have you played infiniminer? not even close. the only similarity was the voxel graphics. thats like saying metroid ripped off mario because they're both sidescrollers

jakethesnake1721d ago

There's nothing new under the sun. You can call just about anything a rip off of something else.

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Apocwhen1721d ago

lol, wasn't he singing praises EA's way only a couple of weeks ago for what they are doing with Origin.

ninjahunter1721d ago

._. Thats what i thought. I should program a mediocre indie game, make millions off it and make observations about the gaming industry.

Laxman1721d ago

For my hate of Notch alone due to his increasingly dumb comments and false sense of self-righteousness, I will no longer be bying Minecraft on 360. I dont want to support someone like that.

Hothead Games and Klei Entertainment are some of the best Indie developers in the industry, and he's essentially badmouthing their titles just cause he has some warped sense of reality about how indie games shouldnt have big publishers backing them. EA are doing an awesome thing here; they are supporting a handful of small, independant developers who work hard to make great games by getting thier titles more widespread and known with this bundle. Yet he complains about it? Tool.