Walmart Offering Cheap Preorders for Many Games

Walmart has a lot of upcoming video games on preorder in their "Coming Soon" section at prices well under MSRP. Shipping is $1.97 per item.

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VanDamme3965d ago

The sooner you get on this the better.

pharmd3965d ago

yeah i preordered it on time but my bro just tried to order haze and its a deadlink, eh well, at least i got it!!!

actas1233965d ago

I also got Haze, but that was around 2 pm and after that I checked the link again and it says "product not found".. I hope the blue wall will honor the deals though..

actas1233965d ago

Wait, I just checked my email and the order has been canceled by walmart.

crck3965d ago

They are canceling the preorders.

Seraphim3965d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

yep, ordered Mercs 2 for PS3 [$39.82], Haze [$29.82], and Dark Sector [$19.82] for 360 and they've gone through and canceled all my orders from this afternoon while I was at work tonight... Figured I wouldn't get these games at such a great price but had to give it a shot. I've filed a complaint w/ the BBB though so hopefully will settle this complaint and honor the price they listed these games at...

I strongly urge everyone who placed an order that canceled to file a complaint with the BBB. here's a direct link to their File Complaint Page

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