Todd Papy comments on SP adventure elements, graphics and more for God of War: Ascension

Todd Papy has added a few more comments for God of War: Ascension, discussing the adventure elements, graphics (talking about how much of a leap over God of War III and comparing it to Uncharted 3) and much more for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive game.

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TheFallenAngel2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

God of War!
I wanted more adventures while Kratos was the God of War. I just finished playing Ghost of Sparta and it was amazing 10/10 game.

Ken222389d ago

I'm liking what i'm reading so far about this game.

ForeverGamer2389d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

"I think we will look better than GOW3. I don't get into the which one looks better. We are good friends/fans with ND!"
"He added the following statement, when one fan asked if the graphical jump between God of War III and God of War: Ascension will be similar to the God of War and God of War II

I think that is a good comparison!

It also seems Ares will appear in the single-player campaign:

He's one of the gods that u can align to in MP. It's a prequel of the trilogy, he is alive. That is all I can say about SP"

that's sound awsome

Tony-Red-Grave2387d ago

phew i thought GoW:A was a sequel i was going to rage for quite awhile considering GoW3 had such a great ending.

b_one2388d ago

it wont be bad game... it would be nice to have demo

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