Garage Theft Auto: A Feature That Needs To Be In GTA V

GP Editor Sean Dimagiba discusses the one feature he believes would have made GTA IV a better game and why it absolutely needs to be in GTA V.

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blinkingfast2392d ago

looks like that would have really helped the game be just that much better.

Valenka2392d ago

Adding a garage feature would have made Grand Theft Auto 4 a Game of the Year winner, without a doubt. Now that my sarcasm is over with, to point out a fail of that article, there was a garage feature in San Andreas. While it wasn't like the way Saints Row does it, it's still there.

Moby-Royale2392d ago

Right. But Grand Theft Auto 4 still didn't have it. Saying San Andreas doesn't fix 4.

Every mission I had to get new car. Fail a mission? You lose your car. Ect. Ect.

It was hard enough to take Niko seriously, what with him murdering so many people. Add that to the hundreds of car thefts(without being given the choice to do it or not) and it does start to contradict the narrative.

Now I know what you or someone may be thinking: I am taking this way too seriously, perhaps?

Well, that's exactly what Rockstar wanted with 4. Was to be taken very seriously.

Now what IIIII want is a garage.


MrDead2392d ago

You didn't have to steal hundreds of cars you could have got a cab, train or walked to your location. I did many missions where I could use the same car to take me to my location and back again.

As for killing people Niko was a soldier who came to America to kill someone for revenge. You didn't have to kill anyone outside of a mission and normally you would end up killing the people that where trying to kill you.

Perjoss2392d ago

Very early in the game you get the ability to call for a Roman cab from your mobile phone and they turn up really fast. TLaD also had this ability but it was bikes instead of a taxi.

BiggCMan2392d ago

There are numerous mods for the PC version that let you save cars to the system. And many more mods that let you instantly spawn any car, change the color, make it invulnerable. Rockstar could have easily added a bunch of awesome cheats in the console versions, but of course they barely put any in.

GamePodunk2392d ago

Thanks for commenting, Valenka. :)

The author of the article actually stated that GTA IV was his first GTA game, so the article was more focused on IV than discussing the entire series in that respect, but thanks for pointing that out; I'll let him know.

YodaCracker2392d ago

GTA IV was his first GTA game and he is old enough to write articles?

DasTier2391d ago

@YodaCracker "he is old enough to write articles?"

Hmmn I think in life it would be wise to read & write before playing videogames. (but then again I grew up on some of those crappy Keystage one pc gaems with reader rabbit and co)

MrDead2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

It never bothered me that there was no Saints Row style garage system, it forced me to drive cars I probably would have over looked and master the different types of vehicles which was good when you need a quick getaway . Also the supercars where easy to find if you wanted one you just have to remember the locations.

I’m not saying the game doesn’t need a garage system I just didn't miss it in GTAIV. If GTAV has the same car mods as San Andreas had then yes I would like a Saints Row style garage at a safe house as you can pump a lot of cash into a car. It still wouldn’t be anything but a very minor annoyance if it doesn’t though.

KingOfArcadia2392d ago

You know what I missed most in GTA IV? Fun.

YodaCracker2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

That's strange. I had more fun simply experimenting with GTA IV's Euphoria physics engine, pushing people down staircases and off cliffsides, than I have had with the entirety of any other open world game this gen (excluding Red Dead Redemption).

t0mmyb0y2392d ago

Loved the Euphoria engine, and the different driving physics for the different vehicles.

Outside_ofthe_Box2392d ago

I missed having a mansion. I had plenty of fun though.

TheOrion2391d ago

Actually thought that myself, the game seems to steer away from the fun factor more with each game, when I go back to the likes of Vice City or GTA London its there.

First time I played a Saints Row game last week and I immediately said, yes this is the fun factor GTA just doesn't seem to provide anymore.

KingOfArcadia2391d ago

Yup, I absolutely agree - Saint's Row is what the GTA series should have turned into, instead of the horrible 'reality-simulator' GTA IV turned into.

TheModernKamikaze2391d ago

Wait, technically you have a garage- the parking space. So I am wrong.

Eiffel2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I can't recall how many times an NPC drove right into my parked golden Infernus; usually busting the tail light or leaving a huge ass dent.

Ensue retaliation, their actions paying in blood.

Parking spaces sucked so much.

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