Black Ops 2: Treyarch teases zombie mode

The following artwork teases the zombie mode for Black Ops 2.

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GraveLord2420d ago

A female character in the Zombies mode?
Hmm. Interesting.

SeanScythe2420d ago

just what you should be wearing when fighting zombies..... I hate when they add supermodels to places they don't belong. Make the game awesome and people will buy it. L4D got it right with women they didn't look like strippers.

Stupid Idea.

Oldman1002420d ago

I'd have more respect for treyarch if they designed her with more realistic "proportions" and a more practical wardrobe. But I guess appealing to their immature adolescent fanbase is their top priority.

Lol, just imagining all of the idiots yelling "Boobies!" or "Dude, let me see your characters tits!" over the microphone turns me off even more from this game.