Warner's remaining HD DVD support will include a three week delay?

In Warner's press release stating they'd go Blu-ray exclusive, they also indicated that HD DVD titles would not be released day and date with Blu-ray titles. During the conference call after the release, someone asked what the delay would be and at the time Warner said they were still working out the details. Well, Format War Central noticed that Amazon is showing a three week delay for Warner's new title The Invasion.

Could this also help Blu-ray sales before June 1st when they go full blu-ray exclusivity.


The studio has confirmed to expect 3 week delays for all their HD DVD/DVD combo releases all the way through May 2008.,_Jesse_James_HD_DVDs/1364

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resistance1003987d ago

Wow looks like my prediction on this could have been right

TheTwelve3987d ago

Warner said this from the very start, but people were so excited by them going Blu that nobody saw it or skipped over it. Trust me, HD DVD is very screwed.


whoelse3987d ago

We all knew that they are getting delayed but we didn't know about the 3 weeks if this story can be believed.

GodsHand3987d ago

Maybe Toshiba & microsoft could offer them some money to release the same day as the bluray counter part.

davez823987d ago

looks like warner didnt think the final nail in the coffin was enough, they are putting more nails in!

Gordii3987d ago

If Warner Bros. was a woman i would so tap that.... :D ..... :O

bootsielon3987d ago

To entice adoption of the new format (and to screw with Toshiba a little more)

lodossrage3987d ago

Yes, they should delay the normal dvd versions too. It would make the society's transition to high def that much quicker. So I have to agree with you.

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