There Will Actually Be Women in the Next Call Of Duty

Kotaku - Guns were always a given for the next Call of Duty. Women? We really did not expect them.

And yet when I saw the game in action last week, there they were. Women. Two of them in the press demo alone! Ye gods.

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donkey_punch2389d ago

awesome now I could kill terrorists while staring at boobs

humbleopinion2389d ago

Whatever makes you happy. I guess it beats killing boobs while staring at terrorists...

kreate2388d ago

what are u expecting female soldiers to be wearing?

m2stech2389d ago

fat 14-year olds will be happy!

ATi_Elite2389d ago

killing waves upon waves of endless enemies does make you hungry!

Good too know Black Ops 2 will have a KITCHEN!!

MariaHelFutura2389d ago

There is already enough children, why not add women?


Unlimax2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Womens = D D D D Double money !

NegativeCreep4272389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Money dwindles and becomes wasted.

I keed I keed. Listen to Tom Leykis.

NegativeCreep4272389d ago

LOL, that is funny. What a time to be alive :]

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