John Laurinaitis Should Be Playable In WWE '13

The General Manager of Raw and Smackdown John Laurinaitis has never featured in a WWE video game before. We think now it's a good time to make him playable in WWE '13.

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year and beat the ship out of him :P

BiggCMan2299d ago

I haven't played a WWE game in a good 3 or 4 years I think. But after getting back into it last year when Rock made his amazing return, I would love to see him in the new game, with his new music to back him up, his new look etc.. Was always the greatest in the franchise.

thebudgetgamer2299d ago

In no mercy you could pedigree Linda McMahon through the announce table.

Hudahudahuda2299d ago

Lol @ brock breaking triple h's arm

ForeverGamer2299d ago

brock know how to act
i almost believe that he was really angry

kevnb2299d ago

Too bad he probably won't do the ace crusher anymore :(

arcik92298d ago

do you gonna have bill goldberg in wwe 13

ethanwwe2298d ago

Goldberg vs Brock wwe 13