Scarlet Red PS3 Console Coming To New Zealand

Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand has confirmed you can purchase a new colored PS3 console. It’s called Scarlet Red.

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jony_dols2389d ago

No self respecting Kiwi is going to going to pick a scarlet PS3 over the good ol' All-Black!

waltyftm2389d ago

I see what you did there, very good.

Patriots_Pride2389d ago

Very manly!

Just needs a New York Giant logo on it.

ritsuka6662390d ago

I really want one this...

Bathyj2390d ago

It looks like a gay purple in that picture. Its actually a really nice red. I like a good red.

M83_2389d ago

I never knew colours had a sexual orientation, maybe this 'gay purple' would suit me..... and make me feel like a man!!lol

MaxXAttaxX2390d ago

I want it.

Sony needs to start releasing all these alternate colors everywhere. Japan usually gets at least 2 colors by default.

house2390d ago

i been saying this for a long while now sadly thats not going to happen

NeXXXuS2390d ago

I wish they still made the fatties ):
Got my fatty working fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.