Wrack Preview - MMGN.COM writes: In a world of regenerating health, quicktime events, realistic physics and ballistic modelling, the classics such as DOOM, Quake and Wolfenstein 3D can often feel like foreign concepts. We saw brief attempts to bring the classic "hardcore" shooter back last year; Hard Reset was a flashy game that lacked variety, and the excellent Serious Sam 3: BFE was great but won't appeal to all gamers.

This year we have a new contender throwing its hat into the ring - Wrack. This cel-shaded FPS not only captures the shining spirit of DOOM, it was actually born from years of modding experience

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blinkingfast2413d ago

nice review i like it looks nice.

hellerphant2413d ago

If you're a fan of those old school shooters that rely on reflexes then you'll love it!