Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Is Fighting Technology a Solid Plot?

Activision revealed Call of Duty Black Op’s II, the latest game in the annual release of Call of Duty shooters, and the follow-up to Call of Duty Black Op’s. Although we are already apart of the Modern Warfare ( And for the third time), Black Op’s has plans to take you further into the future of war. With a tag line that sounds very similar to Ghost Recon's latest, Call of Duty Black Ops looks to be the other game releasing this year taking players into the future.

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PerpetualMathx102414d ago

if i were treyarch i wouldn't waste my time, they should just take notes from micheal bay's transformers movies. write a nonsensical plot fill the movie with explosions, gadgets and nice boy toys and action for the kids and adults. that way everyone's satisfied with what they got for their money's worth. i don't think a cod game at this point will be remembered for its story...or anything simply because at this point its just a number with a number.

alousow2414d ago

the good all sweet call of duty has turn in into some space ship weird weapons shit. U guys fked up. Maybe the zombies going to be Aliens.

vgcgames2413d ago

Wondering how this will turn out, can't say I'm a believer just yet. But..., single player campaign is usually the best part of of Call of Duty.

Soldierone2413d ago

I went in to pre-order it to get the poster and the guy in front of turned away because the employee told him it doesnt take place in the Cold War like the first one.

BuffMordecai2413d ago

Better than herp derp the Russians did it again.