New Skullgirls PC Details - Priced at 15$, no GFWL, future cross-play support between PC and PS3

DSOGaming writes: "The PC version of Skullgirls was announced yesterday and the team behind it has decided to share some new information about it."

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Silly gameAr2179d ago

Now this is to awesome. I'm thinking this is the article that should be getting approvals other then the "accidental region locking" article but this is N4G. It's to be expected.

NYC_Gamer2179d ago

More titles should feature cross play between PC and PS3

soundslike2179d ago

They should, but then theres the patch approval issue. Luckily Skullgirls isn't the type of game that will need excessive patching.

DarkSniper2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

This is pleasant news to read. Only PlayStation®3 gives consumers the flexibility to migrate between your PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal to your personal computer.

One of many reasons why PlayStation®3 is the worldwide leader in consumer electronics. Dark Sniper looks forward to enjoying some rounds of Skullgirls with all of his Sony Snipers and PC enthusiasts alike.


SonyNGP2179d ago

Ugh. You killed it with your "Great and Powerful" 3rd person speak -_-

yesmynameissumo2179d ago

I expect to see a lot more cross play between PC and PS4 next gen. Great news still!

john22179d ago

yeah. Imagine if SSF4 or SFxT offered cross-play between platforms. Holy boy, that would be like a dream

Baka-akaB2179d ago

I dont like skullgirls for reasons of my own , but it's great to see finally some competition get behind the much needed concept of cross platform gaming for fighting games .

It is quite inneficiently to have an already small base split among ps3 , 360 and sometimes pc .

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