9.0 Reviews The Walking Dead: Episode 1

TG writes: The Walking Dead makes the jump from comic series, to TV series, and now to video game series. Does it make a successful transition to an interactive form, or is it just a dead game walking?

Read our review to find out.

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kc_chang2392d ago

What's The Walking Dead?

ftwrthtx2392d ago

Started out as a great graphic novel, then got a great TV series on AMC. The game is just as great as the rest.

J86blum2392d ago

I agree with you, I have the original run of the comics in black n' white, and when they said a mini series was in the works I was stoked, then when it got a second or first season I was hyped.

Never once did I act like a jaded fanboy, im stoked friends (and the GF) are getting into the series. Purchesed the game bundle and enjoyed episode 1, and looking fword to the rest.


The PRISON !...nothing else needs to be said

ftwrthtx2392d ago

Can't wait to see how the prison plays out

ftwrthtx2392d ago

This is the first episodic game that I'm actually anxiously awaiting the next chapter.