God of War: Ascension – The Dawn of a New Age?

"For weeks now, the internet has been ablaze with rumours surrounding the latest instalment in the God of War series – previously referred to only as God of War IV. But with the release of this incredible trailer, God of War: Ascension has now been officially confirmed. Of course, this isn’t the least bit surprising - especially after Amazon’s phenomenal blunder when they began taking pre-orders hours before the game had even been announced."

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tmanmushroom2049d ago

I'm so glad that you can play as Zeus in multiplayer!!

SPARDA_4262049d ago

You play as a champion of the gods, not the gods themselves.

blackbeld2049d ago

Ohh Yeah.

This will be great. Another AAA title this year!

2012 AAA list

- GOW Ascension
- Resident Evil 6
- Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
- DOA 5

Day 1 for me.

MerkinMax2049d ago

And this is how misinformation gets spread.

jsslifelike2049d ago

I like it. It's long past time to freshen up the GoW series.

ForeverGamer2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Cannot wait for E3 to see God of War SP
GOW MP gfx already blow my mind
the SP will blow my mind even more

aDDicteD2049d ago

exactly! looking forward to SP as well

OmniSlashPT2049d ago

People bitch about GoW being the same everytime it comes out and that they've introduced a new features and new mechanics they bitch about they changing it! Damn, people are never satisfied! I'm just curious about the story, I hope we see a story trailer at E3. And probably they release a MP demo, that'd be cool.

asmith23062049d ago

You will find that the people who bitch about GOW being "the same" everytime are not really GOW fans. I love GOW's single player. Im currently playing through the second volume of the collection. Good times!