Gamers Need to Stop Being Pushovers

BNR: I apologize for using such a title, but I believe that this issue warrants the use of such attention-hogging tactics.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2417d ago

Not often you get someone admitting that they are trying draw people to their article with the title, it's somehow refreshing.

I didn't know that EA could do that legally. I'm sure that with the mobile gaming market as big as it is that someone will find a way to sue them and be successful. Stupid move by EA, it's not smart to shaft your customers.

Jourdy2882416d ago

It's NEVER smart to do that, haha.

XboxInnovation2417d ago

I'd say the only fanbase that are not pushovers are the Socom fans. They put a company out of business by boycotting their product (Socom 4) and making older Socom games log more players online.

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MiamiACR212417d ago

Gamers need to stop caring so much. If it ever gets bad, I'll stop buying games, simple as that. There are a million other things to do in life: Read, write, play poker or pool; the list goes on and on. Wait, why the hell am I on this site!

Moby-Royale2417d ago

Why do you play pool? Because you enjoy pool, correct?

You play video games because you like video games.

You can't say it as if it's a valid substitution.

If I wanted a cheese burger you wouldn't say: I'll just go have kung pao chicken.


Outside_ofthe_Box2417d ago

***"Wait, why the hell am I on this site!"***

Exactly, why are you here?

If it isn't important to you can gtfo anytime you like... Let those who care.. care... and those who don't.. don't.

I don't see what's the problem with people caring about the fact that they are getting taken advantage of...

Hicken2417d ago

Yeah, we shouldn't care about things we... care about.

If my mom gets terminally ill, I'll stop caring about her, because there are other things in life to do....

Man, I wish I could slap you.

Tapioca Cold2417d ago

Whatever dude. You probably pay for xbox live. Not to mention ads on xbox live. Then you probably complain about online passes, too.

Go cry somewhere else. Bedwetter!

Dude, it's Rockband!

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