PSM3 gives 8/10 to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

From PSM3 UK:
"Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is… well, you know what it is; a little capsule sent back to us from the future, which contains a milligram of each ingredient of 2008/2009's full blown GT5. And it's powerful stuff. Although Sony are charging close to full whack for Prologue in Japan (4,980 of your jangling yen - that's 45 US dollars or 22 English pounds), it can't really be described as a full game."

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Maddens Raiders3911d ago

I think the fact that it is a demo and not a full game shouldn't deteriorate from the core of this game which gives you:

- Near-photorealistic cars
- Spectacular handling
- Mostly great framerates

but still no damage although this will be made available through dl. In my mind there will be no delay of purchase, but outsiders should know that this is nothing but a big (((tease))).

BrianC62343911d ago

I don't know. He said it isn't really a full game. It is a demo but it's better than a lot of racing games that have been released. I don't really see it as a demo. There was a GT5 Prologue demo. It was free. This is more a full game. Sony is being nice and letting us play GT5 maybe up to a year early. I don't mind paying for that. Most games aren't worth it but GT is. For people who don't like paying for a limited version of the final game you can just wait for GT5.

Feihc Retsam3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

After 72 critic reviews and over 6000 player reviews, Forza 2 received an AVERAGE score of 9.0

So although many like to downplay Forza as a fantastic game/simulator, it has some pretty big shoes to fill

BrianC62343910d ago

Forza wishes it was GT. It will look childish next to GT5. A 9.0? Big deal. I don't know a single car nut who bought a 360 to play that game. They most likely will buy a PS3 for GT5 though. Just like they bought a PS2 for GT3 and 4.

Face it. Before the GT series came along racing games were mediorcre. GT is the one that started it all. Everyone else is just copying it.

MK_Red3911d ago

I believe the biggest problem here is the high price for a game that is essentially a demo. Can't wait for the full GT5.

RadientFlux3910d ago

I agree

If I was a bigger fan of the GT series I might tempted to buy Prologue no matter what the price, but as only passing interest in the series the price is just too high.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3911d ago

8/10 is a GREAT score for a demo/prologue.

Blademask3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Or at least causes you to do a double take. GT5's done it again, keeps my love interest going.

It really is THE car fans game. To just enjoy the sheer beauty of these vehicles. The physics feel great.. and London is photo real as well with 3d people.

man.. I messed my pants again.

Feihc Retsam3911d ago

How do the physics "feel"?

Bolts3910d ago

Like a warm apple pie.

Omicron3911d ago

So this is the prologue of the game that is going to save the PS3? LOL!!

xsteinbachx3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

since when does the ps3 need saving? Also why are you commenting on a ps3 exclusive game that has no relevance to your xbox?

all your most recent comments are mostly in ps3 articles telling us how bad our console is? does someone have a fetish? Go wank off to our ps3s, and articles somewhere else.

Quisp3910d ago

I didnt even look at the review. Did this review say the PS3 needs to be "saved"? lol
THe PS3 is and will do just fine. 8 out of 10 is about right for a beefed up demo. The full verion will be killer.

BrianC62343910d ago

Why does the PS3 need saving exactly? The PS3 had a much better first year than the 360 had. And it's the best designed console on the market. Now Blu-ray is killing off HD DVD so a lot of non-gamers might buy one and find out they actually like gaming. The PS3 is on top of the gaming world now. How's the view from below Xbots?

mintaro3910d ago

lol, whats with all the 360 bashing? he never even mentioned the 360, and hmmm he could always be a wii fanboy.......

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