More Leaks Reveal Black Ops 2 Menu, Zombies Story Mode and First-Person Multiplayer Screen?

MP1st - Ever after the recent Black Ops 2 reveal trailer, the leaks continue. We recently discovered that an older leak showing off some multiplayer screens may have, indeed, been real.

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AdmiralSnake2239d ago

Yeah, the story for Zombies is actually really good.

MiamiACR212239d ago

I've been waiting for a menu leak!

ChunkyLover532239d ago

I would love it if they did a Call Of The Dead 2, that was by far my favorite zombie mode in BO.

LoneWanderer092239d ago

If the Spy perk is actually in the game (get ready) people will use that more than they use Ghost

TekoIie2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Im just happy than an XM8 (well its not an XM8 but its design is obviosuly inspired by it) in a COD game :) Always wanted to use that weapon in MW2!

Kyosuke_Sanada2239d ago

The XM8 is one of the sexiest assault rifles on the planet and deserves more love in video games. Metal Gear Solid 4 and Battlefield: Bad Company were great games that gave the gun respect.

WeskerChildReborned2239d ago

Zombies story would be interesting and if it's real, i hope it's multiplayer as well.

MattyG2239d ago

I have a feeling that everything related to Zombies will always be coop. That's what it's always been based around, I can't see them doing anything solo-only with it now.

MiamiACR212239d ago

You couldn't have seen Call of Duty doing Zombies either when COD4 released MattyG. We'll see what they bring to the table this time.

MattyG2239d ago

@ MiamiACR21 fair enough haha

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