Microsoft Sticking with HD-DVD

"There was a critical element of our comments missing from the story - Microsoft currently has no plans at this time to consider Blu-ray as an option. We continue to believe that HD DVD is the best optical solution for consumers, since it's the only format today that delivers quality experiences at affordable prices."

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Maddens Raiders3938d ago

Microsoft is downright masochistic.

VanDamme3938d ago

They're going to work off of the price point.

ISay3937d ago

this just means you wont see bluray for this console cycle but it will be built into the 720 xbox price permitting

fury3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

That's pretty stupid of you ask me...
If M$ and the other filmstudios would jump on the blu-ray bandwagon, blu-ray will actually deliver quality experiences at _even more_ affordable prices than HD-DVD could ever offer with almost no support.
if blu-ray discs are produced in a large-scale, the medium automatically gets cheaper.
what M$ is talking is utter bull$hit

VanDamme3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Back in the day, I read something about them creating Blu-Ray discs from corn starch. Mmmmmmm, tasty. Sounds like they can make them from cheap stuff--if they wanted to. However, it does have an extra protective coating.

Silver3603937d ago

Only fair market competition gives lowest prices

hunter213938d ago

just like i said before MS/toshiba is planing/doing something that can challange the BD, what happen to toshiba's tri layer disk. but if MS keep doing like that they making the all the consumers more confuse. they should just give up the HD DVD, and join the BD while still early.

Kyur4ThePain3937d ago

What happened to the "We will switch to BD if consumers want it" line?
Surely a 65:35 sales ratio points to the consumers wanting BD instead of HD-DVD?

They could make HD-DVD players $24.99 and HD-DVD movies $1.99, without any studio support in means nothing.

This is nothing but pure stupid pride causing them to refuse to admit a big mistake in their strategy.
I just hope nobody else falls for their [email protected] and buys into HD-DVD.

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The story is too old to be commented.