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"Around this time last year, the Mortal Kombat reboot had just released on consoles and received critical acclaim. Here we are a year later and the gore-filled fighter has found its way to Sony’s new handheld, the PlayStation Vita. Don’t be fooled by the smaller packaging; this game has it all and more. That’s right, it has even more content than the recently released Komplete Edition that just hit consoles. NetherRealm Studios hopes to provide the definitive portable Mortal Kombat experience for those looking to take their fatalities on-the-go. Has Mortal Kombat for the Vita successfully recreated the experience found on its console counterpart?" - JPS

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DarkBlood2415d ago

make sure you have 3gb of space then

admiralvic2415d ago

got a 32 gb card so I wouldnt have issues.

DarkBlood2415d ago

thats good, cant imagine the reaction of those 4 gb memory card people though

MasterCornholio2415d ago

I didn't know that this game was a digital only title. Then I guess people on youtube faked the unboxings then.



Jason1432414d ago

not digital only. I have the hard memory disk thingy hehe Game is a 10. theres more content here for $40 then any game for $59.99. it really is awesome. the challenge tower alone will give you your moneys worth in vita specific games. I own a good chunk of the vita titles and by far this can be viewed as a system seller

willie322414d ago

The online is great for the vita too. I have experienced better online connections on the vita than the ps3.