Blu-ray leads 65:35 for week ending January 6th

Home Media Magazine has published their weekly sales for movies sold on HD DVD and Blu-ray. This week they publish results for week ending January 6th. The previous week they showed Blu-ray was leading by 61:39 for week ending December 30th. However this time Blu-ray has a slightly stronger lead of 65:35.

Please note that Warner announced they were going Blu-ray exclusive on January 4th. Next week you will be able to have a proper look of the impact of Warner's announcement.

Go to page 3 via the link below to see for yourself!

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TANOD3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

or even 9:1

We will be able to fully declare HD DVD dead next week HOPEFULLY

BTW BD is now beating HD DVD 6:1 at AMAZON

Hopefully that will increase to 10:1 during the weekends

fury3967d ago

the full impact of warner's blu-ray move will be seen in the upcoming weeks. i expect blu-ray to lead 80:20 @ the end of february

LoydX-mas3967d ago

I agree, this move by Warner will only make it worse for HD-DVD. I don't see the immediate drop like TANOD is saying, but it will probably be before Warner goes completely exclusive in May.

What will be interesting is to see if Blu-ray can actually increase the 3-5% of the current movie market that high-def media has right now so it doesn't become a niche.

marinelife93967d ago

It only gets worse from here.

mikeslemonade3967d ago

Or all the hd-dvd/360 fans will start buying more hd-dvds in an attempt to beat blu-ray in desperation.

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resistance1003967d ago

Next few weeks are whats interesting, i expect HD DVD sales to begin to drop each week now, with no major films being released on the format for a while

bootsielon3967d ago

However, the impact can be seen in support.

beoulve3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

another one bite the dust. and another one gone and another one gone. Another one bite the dust.

eagle213967d ago

Nothing to see here folks.

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The story is too old to be commented.