He’s Convinced Final Fantasy XV is Coming This Gen, and It Will Be Awesome

Disappointed in Final Fantasy XIV? Saddened by Final Fantasy XIII? Don't worry, commenter Zasalamel says Final Fantasy XV is coming, and he'll tell you why it will be amazing in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

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Snookies122414d ago

FFVI is the best, FFIX was amazing, and FFXII let me down... So I dunno about that... I still hold out some hope XV will be good, but we'll just have to wait and see I suppose.

Snookies122414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

VII was close, but VI was better in my opinion. Having the world get destroyed and everything being completely different half way through the game was mind blowing for its time...


Though the article wasn't about VII, it was about VI, IX, and XII. So yeah, it's definitely the best out of those three.

Kevin ButIer2414d ago

I love FFVIII even more than IX, any FFVIII fans on N4G???

AIndoria2414d ago

@Kevin Butler : Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite Final Fantasy of all time. Loved the game, the characters, music and the story.

TheLyonKing2414d ago

7 is a bit overated in my eyes, i can't really play it like I can 8 or 9 in the playstation era now.

I ahve completed it but the test of time hasn't been good to it.

AsimLeonheart2414d ago

@ Kevin Butler

Here is another fan of FFVIII. I LOVE IT! Check my name. :-)

Dac2u2414d ago

@Kevin Butler: I hated VIII for some reason and loved VII when they came out. I then replayed them a few years later and it kind of switched. I still like VII, but like VIII so much more. I know I'll get disagrees but, the story in VII isn't all that good. The story in VIII was far better.

If you could remake every FF game to date with the same graphics and maybe some touch ups to the writing of the older stories, I think FFVI would blow every other game out of the water. It just had everything you could want in an RPG.

RedDead2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I disagree about the story of FF8 being better. his is my opinion/

As a whole FF7 > FF8
but FF8's first disk is the best disk of Final fantasy, if you were to split FF's into seasons, FF8 has the best Season of all the series...

Ugh yeah weird I know, anyhow, FF7's world is better than the rest for me. The amount of Side things is huge, just to make the game more...alive, I can't explain it. Submarine(and minigame), motorcycle, Pheonix tower thing, snowboarding, chocobo racing are the big ones, then there are about 50 small singles things in the game such as...CPR on the girl and her dolphin after, finding your way in the snow and keeping yourself warm, marching with Shinra troops, everything in the gold saucer, the Huge materia unlock in space...I mean I could go on but I can't be bothered...there are so many little added elements that fit into the situations

Also, the music, while it ain't he highest quality music(FF8 and 10 imo) it is the most suitable and atmospheric to each moment imo

Yangus down there, Nomura is bringing back: "Airships,world map,middle ages,castle,villages etc. "

The outside world is supposed to be a bit **** compared to Nocts city, the soldiers wear medieval armor and all. I can see what you're saying but don't blame Nomura for it, he's bring the game back to it in alot of ways(albeit, not all ways).

deletingthis346753342414d ago

VIII is my favorite PS1 era FF. Never understand why people trashed it so much. Oh well, people are people I guess...

JoySticksFTW2413d ago

FFVIII got trashed because of the Draw system and the love story, but it's still my second favorite.

FFVI is my favorite though. The cast, story, music (Floating Continent!), the 20 minute ending, and my man Kefka... awww, yeah :)

justpassinggas2413d ago

VI has the best story, the best villain, and the best soundtrack. Gameplay wise, the original VI is one of the buggiest games ever due to many things not functioning correctly (e.g. bugged evade and don't even try Relm's sketch command if you got the 1.0 version of the game!). I also didn't like how everyone could learn magic in the game, making only a handful of characters really unique when it came to gameplay, with most being duplicates of each other and only differing in stats and item availability.

VI has way too many scenes that tug at your heart strings. There are so many sad scenes in that game that make Aerith's death in FFVII look like nothing.

I played FFVII first and never felt the shock about Aerith death. I had not spoiled the game for myself and when I did finish the game, I did not see what the big deal was. I went online to see why people liked it and a lot of people were crazy about Sephiroth and were crazy about the Aerith death scene, neither of which resonated with me. I barely used Aerith, to begin with, and Sephiroth wasn't "evil" or "crazy" enough. He just seemed like someone with a lot of power going through depression.

I didn't like FFVIII that much either. Ultimecia was a pathetic excuse for a villain. The plot was also a big mess, going all over the place. On retrospect, I can't even tell you what the overarching plot of the game was except that you try to defeat Ultimecia for some reason or another.

FFIX was great but again, the villain was subpar. The line of great villains in FF ended with Sephiroth because anyone after him is forgettable. Kuja was a cross dresser or a transvestite... The best parts about FFIX were the characters, even those that don't join your party. Beatrix was amazing. You even warmed up to that lard-monster adoptee mother of Dagger/Garnet by the end. The game had a lot of character.

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Derpy2414d ago

I fully agree with you on 6 and 9, though I also liked 12 quite a bit myself. 6 was my favorite on the SNES, 9 my favorite of the ones on PSX and 12 my favorite of the PS2 choices. I've yet to see a FF on the PS3 that I like.

Relientk772414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I need to play FFVI, I sorta just got it, on one of the Playstation FF collections

aDDicteD2414d ago

i agree, ff 12 was a let down

Snookies122414d ago

The gameplay was good, but I just could not get into the story at all... I played through 3 times too over the years. Also, the characters weren't all that great. Vaan as a main character was an awful decision. The only person I liked off of that game was Balthier.

slayorofgods2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Vaan was a bad character. I still think FF12 was one of the best rpg's of the series though. Yeah they took big risks, but the game play actually is one of the most strategic, I'd call it one of the hardest / most hardcore of the series (once you get a ways into the game of course). If you get into what it is doing and play through it you will begin to see its strengths.

on a side note. I also played the extended cut, and I'd have to say it improves the game a lot. The fast forward button becomes your best friend for grinding and moving between towns and the class system makes things even more strategic and fun.

slayorofgods2414d ago

I thought FF12 was one of the best in the series. One of the more hardcore FF titles. I also enjoyed FF10, one of the more casual of the series. Both are fine examples of how to make a rpg...

And of course FF7 deserves praise for its story telling and meteria system but we all hear all about that anyways so I dont really need to comment on that.

Outside_ofthe_Box2414d ago

I liked 12's gameplay. I really think 13 should have improved on it instead of going with the trash system it currently.

I didn't think the story was amazing for 12, but I didn't think it was a major let down either. The story did just enough to keep me satisfied with completing the game.

PhantomTommy2414d ago

I completely agree, the gambits system was awesome, can't believe they ditched it.

Story was poor but so what? At least none of the characters made me want to kill myself like in FFX.

LightofDarkness2414d ago

Absolutely agree, XII is one of my favourites. I also quite enjoy the fact that Xenoblade is now heaped with praise for using a similar system, yet when XII was released everyone was up in arms :p

Gamer19822414d ago

VI was amazing but IX and XII were far from the greatest choices on the console. VII beat IX and X was better than XII. Enough said really.

pain777pas2414d ago

Most of the time we are not even talking about the game itself but the experience. There was no time in gaming like 97 and 98. Final Fantasy 7 is so loved because we just never played something like that before. It was a spectacle with iconic characters and a heart warming and tragic story. It dealt with suicide, death, identity.... Really amazing experience that FF8 and 9 and on had as a foundation. Think about it after that we get the groundbreaking Metal Gear Solid. If you were too young you have to understand what these games meant at the time and how they changed gaming as we knew it.

synchroscheme2414d ago

I'm still more excited for FF XXVII confirmed for the year 2027.

Ranma12414d ago

FF10 the last great FF

Kos-Mos2413d ago

Final Fantasy VI is still the best game ever made with Chrono Trigger.

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stonecold32414d ago

wonder what happeining with vs 13

Nitrowolf22414d ago

SE needs to STFU about every other project and start spilling details, cause TBH Versus 13 for me is literally the last hope I have left for the FF series.
That game has been in development for so long now, and we barely have anything on it.

slayorofgods2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Expect a early ps5 release

silkrevolver2414d ago

I still think Versus will be given the XV title.
From what I can tell, it only has vague geographic and lore-based connections to XIII.

Relientk772414d ago

FF VII, VIII, IX, and X are amazing. Make it like them lol

Disccordia2414d ago

For me X was when it started to go wrong. It was basically like XIII in that there was no proper world map and you had to walk down a linear corridor to get from one town to another.

Relientk772414d ago

Yea I really do love the world map, but FF X was still great IMO

versusALL2414d ago

He seems to have a pretty good track record. I adored Final Fantasy VI and XII. And enjoyed Final Fantasy XII. I have to wonder what the next FF is going to be like if he is directing.

helghast1022414d ago

Saddened by XIII? Not at all, I'm a sane person and likes the series because it has the balls to do something different.
XV this gen? Highly, HIGHLY doubt it, early next gen is most likely.

MySwordIsHeavenly2414d ago

Different? No. That wasn't different. They took many steps back. They used an old-school battle system and brought back corridor fighting.