Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

IGN writes: "From the days of the PS one, this downloadable game allows you to play the classic original on your PSP handheld system or PS3 home console.

The evil Dr. Neo Cortex is back with a vengeance .. this time ... to save the world? And he's asking for helo from his arch-nemesis, Crash Bandicoot? Or is it just some conniving plan to lure Crash into a deadly trap for his own evil bidding? Find out as Crash takes on a whole new adventure that's out of this world!"

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Luca Blight3967d ago

but what we really need on the US PSN Store is...
1. Xenogears
2. Suikoden
3. Suikoden 2
4. Alundra
5. Persona
6. Persona 2 EP
7. Persona 2 IS
8. Lunar Silver Star Story
9. Lunar Eternal Blue
10. Syndicate Wars

cervantes993967d ago

Although I recognize that the titles you list are critically acclaimed and favorites of a lot of readers, I would prefer to see Tomba/Tomba2/Klonoa/Silent Hill/RE - of course I am not an RPG person though.

Or better yet, let's just release the whole catalog and make everybody happy :)

Luca Blight3967d ago

I'm a big fan of the Tombas and Klonoa as well (RE too - never played much Silent Hill though). I say that Sony should try to get the rights to at least one mainstream game and one "niche" game per update (or per 2 updates). I think that'd satisfy everyone - especially since Japan is getting 8-10 game PS1 updates every couple weeks (lucky bastards).

cervantes993967d ago

2 games per update would be great!

1 mainstream + 1 niche.

I wonder if the slow PS1 updates are due to the worry that they could cannibalize PSP software sales. I know I would play old PS1 games more than buying PSP software - give or take a few here or there. Just like ripping DVDs instead of buying the UMD.

I was just on a cruise ship for a week and I played through Crash Bandicoot 1 from beginning to end (something I had not done on my PS1 10 years ago). Great game and they actually look better on the PSP than on a large TV - especially HD.

Anyway bubble to you :)

Rhezin3964d ago

Resident Evil PSP DAMMIT! and a god of war trilogy on the PSP! psp WOULD BE KING OF THE HANDHELDS.