Blu-ray interactive is spookily familiar writes

"Blu-ray may be winning the format war, but the format itself is a bit of a mess - a constantly shifting sand of specifications that has left many critics to dub it a 'beta', not least its HD DVD toting rivals.

For in the last 18 months we've see BD-Profile 1.0, BD-Profile 1.1, and now BD-Profile 2.0 aka BD-Live which has been demonstrated here at CES 2008. Is it any wonder potential buyers are sitting on the sidelines when you have this, and a format war to contend with? Time for a tidy-up."

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crunchie1013930d ago

Luckily this isn't a problem for most Blu-ray owners, as most Blu-ray owners play their Blu-rays on PS3

ITR3929d ago

That still doesn't help the 300k+ standalone users out there.

I tell folks to wait until the end of this yr before buying a BD player.
Prices will drop and you will have BD live...and hopefully faster load times.